Special Needs Alert Form

Police personnel in Hartford, and around the country, frequently come into contact with individuals with autism or other special needs. In an attempt to build upon the training our officers receive in this area the Hartford Police Department has adopted a program designed to work cooperatively with family members and care providers to help us provide the best possible service to these individuals in our community.

The Special Needs Alert Form captures important details about an individual's specific likes and dislikes, about any personal sensory issues that could trigger a negative reaction from the individual, about any special communication limitations or needs, and will help us to know at the time of the contact if there are any specific techniques that have proven to be successful in de-escalating a situation with that specific individual.

The program is designed so that our Emergency Communications Center personnel can provide first responders with important information needed to best interact and communicate with the specific individual with special needs, as well providing the contact information for their family/care provider. We want to make every effort to ensure that these contacts end with positive outcomes. We know that you are the best source of information when it comes to your child or loved one.

Participation in this program is completely voluntary. If you choose to participate in this program you can supply as much or as little of the information requested in the form as you feel comfortable providing. The information provided and the individual's photo will be entered into the department's records management system and be treated as confidential.

Special Needs Alert Forms (PDF) can be obtained at the Emergency Communications Center or online. If you have further questions regarding this program you can contact our Operations Lieutenant through the Emergency Communications Center at (262) 673-2600.