Child Car Seat Safety

Proper Installation

Most crashes occur close to home on roads with low speed limits. When used correctly, car seats can prevent injuries and save lives. Always secure your child properly in the correct restraint.

The back seat is the safest place for your child. While air bags can save lives, kids riding in the front seat can be seriously injured or killed when an air bag comes out in a crash. Children 12 and under should always sit in the back seat.


Hartford Fire and Rescue Child Passenger Safety Technicians offer free inspections of car seats and booster seats as they are currently installed in your vehicle. The technicians will assess the safety of the seat and assist parents and caregivers with the proper installation of the seat as well as safely securing the child in the seat.

Fitting Station

Permanent fitting station for car seat checks available by appointment.

Call today and schedule your appointment at (262) 673-8295 or (262) 673-8291.