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  1. Martin & Morgan Drive Water Main Replacement Announcement

    Is your water supply pipe made from lead? Learn how to find out. Read on...
  2. Public Information Meeting To Be Held On 1/23 Regarding Sewer Extensions into the Town of Hartford

    The City of Hartford has received requests from several Town of Hartford property owners for sanitary sewer service. A Public Information Meeting will be held to briefly discuss the project(s), have plans available for viewing and to answer questions. Read the full announcements here
  3. Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal Policy for Property Owners

    Do you own a home with a public sidewalk? You are required to keep it clear of snow and ice. View the policy here
  4. Sewer Lateral Replacement Fund

    A Sewer Lateral Replacement Fund has been established to help reimburse property owners for a portion of the cost associated with the replacement of sewer laterals within the City. Read on...
  5. Emerald Ash Borer Information and Homeowner Responsibilities

    Your dead and dying trees may pose a hazard to you and your neighbors. Their maintenance is your responsibility. Additional Info...
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